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The ultimate advantage for grip and grasp!

iGrip Sports provides a competitive edge by improving hand grip and grasp. Formulated with natural ingredients and designed for all ages, it can be used in a wide range of sports and activities. Ideally suited to sporting amateurs and professionals alike, the unique blend made from the finest ingredients to form a semi firm beeswax fusion, provide a defence to moisture. Enabling you to achieve greater control, grasp and grip – giving you a naturally enhanced sporting edge.

Available in 50g tin, 400g & 900g jar

Ingredients: beeswax, oilseeds and essential oil.

iGrip Sports- How to Use

Please follow DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY to achieve best results:

  1. Apply slightly less than a “pea size” amount of iGrip Sports directly to one fingertip ONLY
  2. Carefully disperse a thin layer to coat both palms and fingers.
  3. Massage into palms and fingers for 30 seconds
  4. WAIT and allow 2 minutes for it to reach the desired performance consistency.
  5. iGrip Sports will reach optimum effect after a total of 5 minutes.
  6. To remove, wash hands with a mild soap and water.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT exceed the recommended quantity. Applying iGrip Sports excessively to palms and fingers will result in a sticky consistency rather than the desired performance grip. It is resilient to water and will last for hours- should you wish to reapply, follow the directions for initial application.


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