66fit FLUX Power Bag - 25kg Water Weight

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The 66fit Flux Power Bag is the ultimate training tool for a full body workout at home.  Simply fill with water and air and you are ready for a workout. By using water it provides a dynamic, unstable training environment which can help improve strength and power. Use the 66fit FLUX Power Bag to perform squats, lunges and a wide variety of push and pull exercises. It's also portable so you can take it with you while travelling. You can train anywhere, anytime.

The 66fit Flux Power Bag can be filled to the target weight by adding more water to increase the resistance as desired. The bag is marked with a measuring scale that will help you use the right amount of water for the weight you need. At its full capacity of 25L it is equivalent to a 25kg weight.

The 66fit Flux Power Bag comes equipped with four sturdy handles, which will allow you to perform your exercises in a more controlled manner, preventing the bag from slipping from your grip. The bag allows you to perform a wide range of exercises for most muscle groups.


  • Functional home workout tool
  • Adjustable weight - weight capacity of 25 kg
  • Made from sturdy PVC
  • Equipped with four handles to allow various grip positions
  • Comes with Air Pump
  • Fill with water, pump with air and exercise
  • Ideal for strength and cardio training
  • Helps improve power and strength
  • Ideal for travelling

Dimensions when pumped:
19cm (D)  x 77cm (L)

Download Exercise/Instruction Manual Here


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