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Use the 66fit Yoga Block to support stretch and stabilise your body.

The 66fit foam exercise block is designed to be used to help you extend and reach your body further, increasing the intensity of your stretches.

Our sturdy yoga block may be placed under the hands, feet or buttocks for support helping you to attain the correct position, alignment and posture during a yoga or Pilates workout.

It is also ideal for use as a head block to help raise the head to achieve the required neck alignment.

Lightweight and portable the 66fit Yoga and Pilates Block is an essential prop for any workout kit.

Why Choose the 66fit Yoga Support Block?

Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit Yoga Block is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind.

A safer and lighter alternative to the traditional wooden version, our sturdy foam block may be used to support the body in order to attain the correct position, alignment and posture during any yoga or pilates workout. Simply place under the hands, feet or buttocks to stabilise the body whilst increasing the intensity of your stretches. Placed under the head, the block will also help ensure that you have the correct neck alignment.

Crafted from a firm high density EVA foam, the 66fit workout block is a sturdy durable block which provides great support during your workout and wont distort under pressure or damage floor surfaces.

Easily portable and with a wipe clean hygienic surface, it is easy to see why the 66fit Yoga Block is fast becoming an essential part of any yoga, Pilates or exercise kit. Suitable for all levels from beginner too professional, our fitness block is the perfect balance and support aid whether at home, in the gym or at fitness class.

Further instructional graphics about the 66fit Yoga Block are available online.


  • An essential part of any yoga kit designed to help you extend your reach and stretch your body further.
  • Use to support, stabilise and align your body during workouts. Ideal used as a head block.
  • Made from high density EVA foam. Firm, durable yoga block that won’t distort under pressure.
  • Lightweight and portable. Hygienic wipe clean surface resists moisture and bacteria.
  • Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. Yoga, Pilates and general fitness training.

Colour: Blue 
Dimensions: 30cm x 20cm x 5cm 
Material: EVA foam 
Packed Weight: 0.35kg
Made in Taiwan


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