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Size: Square - 50mm x 50mm (Pack of 4)
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We are offering premium quality VERITY replacement electrodes for tens machines, muscle stimulators etc. Unlike some other electrodes made from cheap foam materials, these are the cloth-backed electrodes that are distributed with the Neurotrac range of Tens and Muscle Stimulators.

WARNING: Avoid buying poor quality electrodes

Lesser quality electrodes may mean that you're not getting an even current distribution of the surface area, and they are often backed with poor quality conductive gel. This means that the efficacy of your machine may be compromised and even cause 'hot spots'. They may also have decreased longevity. By selecting the Verity electrodes you are optimising the conductivity & performance of the electrotherapy device.

Note: These electrodes are compatible with most TENS units on the market

Instructions for reusable self-adhering alectrodes Application
  • Make certain the stimulation device is switched off prior to applying or removing the electrodes
  • Apply electrode only to unbroken skin. Clean electrode application area with soap and water. Rinse, and dry.
  • With elctrodes still on liner, attach lead wire from stimulation device to electrode connector.
  • Remove electrode from liner by grasping the edge of the electrode and peeling it off the liner. Keep the liner for storing the electrodes after use.
  • Place the electrode on exact skin location (should be determined by a medical professional) by applying the centre of the electrode first and smoothing down to the edges. Finally, attach lead wire to stimulation device.
  • Turn off tens machine. Disconnect lead wires from the unit first.
  • Remove electrode from skin by peeling from electrode edge. Place back on to liner.
Electrode life / longevity

The life of the electrode varies depending on skin conditions, skin preparation, type of stimulation, storage, and climate.


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