Talarmade Trio Heel Pain Orthotics

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Designed to eliminate the cause of heel pain through a rear foot cushioning support within a cobra orthotic model

The Problem:
Heel pain represents one of the most common foot complaints. Treatment is usually directed at cushioning painful areas. Pronation and excessive pressure on the heel are often associated findings, which require addressing at the same time if treatment is to be successful.

The Concept:
The Talar Made TRIO Heel Pain model has been designed to incorporate adequate protection for the heel into a ‘Cobra’ style orthotic. This unique shaping allows for moderate control of underlying pronation which leads to excessive strain of the medial band of the plantar fascia and painful symptoms. In addition the medial arch redistributes pressure away from these painful sites.

The Solution:
  • Lateral cut away shape
  • Recessed heel cushion
  • Supporting heel cup
  • Navicular support
  • Cobra Style arch support
  • Antibacterial top cover

    For best results consult your healthcare professional.