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The Ultimate Stretching and Mobility Tool

The Lower Limber® is more than just a product - it is a system. What distinguishes the Lower Limber from other stretching apparatus is its unique ability to position and support your spine in relation to your legs. This is achieved by using an ergonomically designed adjustable back support belt that is directly linked to an adjustable foot strap via dual ergonomic hand controls. This helps to align and support your spine, greatly facilitating a coordinated and balanced signal response between your spine and your legs. This in turn maximises your stretching and activation outcomes.

Other key features include the ability to significantly reduce the loads being directly applied to your hands , arms and spine by as much as 50 per cent, which means anyone can use it, while still providing the necessary degree of sensitivity and control. The unique mechanical advantages that this system offers when combined with an inbuilt "hold and control" system allows you to comfortably maintain the correct postural alignment while relaxing into the stretching/activation position.

Lower Limber is supplied with a comprehensive training and information guide with specific user zones tailored to your functional capapbilities.


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