Talarmade Trio Full - Red

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Density: Firm - Red - Kids Small
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Sizing Chart (According To Shoe Size)

An intrinsically medially posted orthotic with additional posting options for triplanar control of pronation and forefoot loading

This Full Length TalarMade TRIO model provides the same features and benefits as the 3/4 model. A full length design means the orthotic is 'locked' into the shoe without it moving forward during runnging or sports.

This product is ideal for any type of athletic foot ware, most of which comes with a soft rubber foot bed or lining. This needs to be removed before placing the orthotic.

Full Length Talar Made Trio is also ideal for work shoes and boots, providing lasting support for people whose occupation keeps them on their feet all day.


  • Inverting heel cup with intrinsic medial skive
  • Anti-bacterial top cover
  • Navicular support
  • Location for lateral post
  • Recessed 1st metatarsal cushion (Remove for placement of forefoot medial post)
  • Recessed lateral Retron heel cushion
  • Extrinsic 3° medial post.
  • Location for additional medial biplanar heel post
  • Can be used in conjunction with TalarMade MicroGrip surface additions
  • Orthotic additions and wedges can be used where extra control is required. Each pair of orthotics supplied with 3o medial and lateral forefoot posts

    For best results consult your healthcare professional


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