Oppo Posture Aid/Clavicle Brace

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Excellent aid in correcting poor posture and shoulder slump. Adjustable hook and loop closure facilitates proper fit. This adjustable clavicle brace allows normal movement without cutting and binding. When worn properly this brace promotes proper posture and eliminates shoulder slump and poor posture, by providing a constant reminder to maintain proper posture, whether you are sitting, standing or walking. It features a hook and loop closure to allow you to change the tension from firm to mild support as your condition improves.

SIZING : Measure around scapula under arm.

Please note that although the sizes specifications are provided by the manufacturer, we recommend that the next size up should be obtained to provide a good fit.

S - 53.7-63.8cm (21 1/8-25 1/8")
M - 63.8-76.5cm (25 1/8-30 1/8")
L - 76.5-89.2cm (30 1/8-35 1/8")
XL - 89.2-104.5cm (35 1/8-41 1/8")
2XL - 104.5-117.2cm (41 1/8-46 1/8")
3XL - 117.2-129.9cm (46 1/8-51 1/8")

Application: Poor posture Weak scapula muscles

CAUTION Product contains Natural Rubber Latex that may cause reactions in people allergic to latex.