Neurotrac Simplex

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  • Features:
    • Suitable for diagnosing, monitoring and treating a wide range of muscle problems
    • Single Channel EMG unit
    • Optional multilingual computer database system
    • Structured protocols for consistency of patient progress reports (software)
    • Used as a EMG biofeedback training aid or diagnostic tool
    • Measures EMG from 0.2μV to 2000μV accurately
    • Designed for a wide range of physiotherapy applications such as incontinence, shoulder and neck pains, patello femoral pain, repetitive strain injury, stroke plus much more
    • Used as a learning tool for both patients and therapists with emphasis on improving rehabilitation techniques
    • Produces and prints comprehensive patient progress reports of work/rest averages, onset contraction and muscle release times, peak values, work/rest average deviations (with optional software)


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