Mueller "The One"® Ankle Brace

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Designed to be extremely light and low-profile, The One® is comfortable to wear in shoes or cleats during competition. Offering all the traditional benefits of taping, but with all the adjustable flexibility of a soft strap brace, The One® protects against inversion and eversion ankle sprains.

  • Neoprene and latex free
  • Adjustable straps simulate ‘figure 8’ taping structure
  • Lasts much longer than tape, won’t break down
  • Anti-slip Criss-Crossing Side Straps help protect against inversion and eversion ankle sprains
  • Adjust straps at any time to help prevent brace slippage, ensuring a tight, comfortable fit
  • Top elastic finishing straps lock down all of the straps and provide a clean finish
  • Side-pulling stirrup straps imitate the effects of taping
  • Cushioned, breathable tongue keeps this brace extremely comfortable
  • Controls or eliminates odours, unsightly stains and product deterioration caused by the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms
  • The One® fits right or left feet

    Sizing Chart
    According to US/NZ Shoe Size:


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