Mueller Hinged Knee Braces

MuellerSKU: MUE56320

Size: X-Small
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The Triaxial Hinge helps give you maximum medial-lateral support without restricting mobility.

The ultimate brace for week or injured knees. The Triaxial Hinge closely simulates the natural tracking of the knee joint, while the fitted slip-on sleeve with adjsutable straps provides a custom fit. Recommended to help provide support to weak, injured or arthritic joints; helps prevent medial-lateral movement and hyperextension of the knee.

  • Loosen all straps
  • Pull brace on and over your knee
  • Align kneecap just above the butress
  • Tighten top and bottom straps
  • Adjust as needed to obtain optimal comfort and fit

Measure around the center of the knee.


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