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The LGT- 2200SP Compression Therapy Device, is an air compression system used to temporarily relieve muscle tension,  increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage,   to get fast recovery to the treated areas.  Helps athletes recover faster after training or use for pre- workout warm up.

Air Compression Therapy Helps:

  • Relieve Pain & Swelling- Whether you’re an athlete or just someone who spends long periods of time sitting, standing or walking, compression can help improve blood flow, enhance the lymphatic & venous systems, combat soreness, inflammation & swelling.
  • Prime Your Body to Training- Use compression before exercise to warm up faster or post exercise to help reduce fatigue, soreness & speed up recovery. Compression can also help relieve muscle tension and improve your range of motion.
  • Support your Lymphatic System- Compression can help with lymphatic drainage and promotes lymphatic fluid movement.


  • Portable design, easy carry
  • User friendly, digital control & quiet operation
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery (6500mAh) – up to 6 hours of use
  • High quality overlapping sleeves- 4 chambers
  • 6 compression modes
  • Pressure: 30-150mmHg
  • Real time pressure indication & adjustable pressure during session
  • Apply to one or two parts of your body at a time.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Longest Compression Therapy Device (LGT- 2200SP) - with powercord & connection hose with double connectors
  • 2 x Leg Sleeves Medium
  • 1 x Carry Bag


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