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                             Smart engineering for high heel comfort

Created to make wearing heels not simply bearable but enjoyable, Emily Braidwood advanced HEXAGEL® X MEDIGEL® formula combines unparalleled cushioning technology with a sophisticated aesthetic and scientific engineering that doesn’t compromise on style or space.

Emily Braidwood footbeds unique, full-length intrinsic wedging relieves your muscles and joints by restoring optimal ankle alignment to stop rolling ankles, while the air-infused, multi-height hexagons deliver comfort to prevent that burning ball of feet sensation.

Suitable for use in any shoe when the heel height exceeds 4cm, Emily Braidwood footbeds can be transferred between pumps, wedges, stilettos, mules, boots, sling-backs and sandals.


  • MEDIGEL® engineering to ensure perfect party arch support and heel-to-toe lateral wedging to balance and protect ankles
  • HEXAGEL® technology delivering multi-height, air-infused pods to provide immediate and continuous ball-of-the-foot comfort
  • HEXAGEL® rebounding technology
  • Pain relief for burning balls and tender ankles
  • Support to reduce risk of ankle rolling and injury
  • Subtle slim-fit design
  • Suitable for low-arched, neutral-arched, and high-arched feet
  • Stick to stay in place, avoiding rolling and sliding
  • Easily reuse and remove

-Available in Clear or Black


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