Dynamic Tape Black Tattoo 5cm x 31m – Bulk Roll

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Size: Dynamic Tape Black Tattoo 5cm x 31m – Bulk Roll
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Dynamic Tape® is available in two colours: beige with beige tattoo and beige with black tattoo.  It stretches much further and does not have a rigid endpoint like kinesiology tapes. This design and the unique, visco-elastic properties allow it to work like a bungee cord by acting on the levers of the body aiming to provide a deceleration force, absorb load, and reduce the work on injured tissues.

Our black tattoo tape is the original version of Dynamic Tape®. It is the most commonly used version and has a slightly higher resistance than the beige.

  • muscle and tendon applications
  • energy storage and release function e.g. plantar fascia
  • stronger assistance e.g. weakness or neurological deficit
  • long, multi-joint applications e.g. decelerating a throw


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