Comffit Water Fitness Belt

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Designed by a professional Australian fitness trainer, the Comffit Water Running belt has improved the functionality of traditional back-sitting water belts. Two separate flotation devices locked to either side of your body by an adjustable nylon belt.

  • Easier to turn/rotate in water
  • Does not tilt you forward like other belts because the flotation is set on your hips
  • Used by elite swimming coaches and physiotherapists
  • Suitable in deep or shallow water
  • Suitable for most people

Why Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a zero impact, non weight bearing activity that can help increase mobility and muscle mass in patients suffering from a range of conditions

Important:The comffit water running belt is not a life-saving device and adequate care should be taken for those inexperienced in the water. Please consult your health practitioner for recommended use.