66fit Balance/Rocker Board Set - 45cm

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Two Best-Selling 66fit Rehabilitation Products in One!

By choosing the dual purpose 66fit Wooden Rocker and Wobble Board set you get the best of both worlds.

Using the three easy to fit attachments supplied simply choose between a 45cm Balance Board (14 or 18 degree tilt angles) or a 45cm Rocker Board to help retrain proprioception and coordination and help strengthen weakened muscles to accelerate recovery so that you can return to the sport you love quickly and safely.

Why Choose the 66fit Balance / Rocker Board 45cm Set?

Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit Wooden Wobble and Rocker Board set is a versatile easy to use multidimensional product aimed at everyone from the beginner to the professional athlete.

Three interchangeable options allow you manage your progression through the stages of rehabilitation increasing the level of difficulty as you go.

Sturdily built from quality materials the boards are easy to assemble and the non-slip easy clean PVC surface makes the set a practical and hygienic choice for use both at home and in physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments.

Both Wobble and Rocker Board options are suitable not only for rehabilitation purposes but also for a variety of exercise regimes to work on core, upper and lower body strengths once recovered and as a supporting piece of equipment for squats floor taps and press ups.

Please Note: Recommended maximum user weight of 25 stone.


  • The 66fit Balance/ Rocker Board Set (45cm) combines a 45cm Wobble Board with the ever popular Rocker Board in one fantastic product!
  • Use the 45cm 66fit Rocker/ Wobble Board Set to regain your sense of balance and coordination after injury to ensure a speedy return to your sport whatever your level of fitness or ability.
  • This great value set allows users from the beginner in the very early stages of rehabilitation right through to the professional athlete to work on balance, coordination and strength.
  • Specially designed and easy to assemble attachments enable you to switch from wobble to rocker board and back again with ease.
  • Solid sturdy 45cm round wooden board with non-slip PVC surface. Wipe clean.

Colour: Blue
Box Dimensions: 46cm x 46cm x 8cm
Contents: 1 x 45cm round board plus 3 x attachments
Main Material: Wood & PVC
Presented In: Colour Box
Packed Weight: 3.6kg


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