66fit Pelvic Cushion

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Promote correct posture and support lower back alignment!

The 66fit Pelvic Cushion is designed to promote a normal alignment of the spine when sitting and relieve stress while sat down for long periods of time.

The 66fit Seat Wedge shall help maintain good posture and helps keep the spine and pelvis is correct alignment to reduce the risk of back pain over long periods of time sat down.

Why Choose the 66fit Pelvic Cushion?

The 66fit Pelvic Wedge is ideal for a car seat or to be used at home or in the office with the majority of chairs.

Our 66fit Pelvic Wedge Cushion is manufactured from high density moulded PU foam giving the product a firm density for ultimate comfort and support.

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to set up and use the support cushion, with additional in-depth videos available online.


  • Helps position spine in its natural balanced position whilst seated
  • Versatile cushion to be used with most seats at home, work or in the car
  • Designed to decrease pain in the lower back and legs
  • Tilts the spine and pelvis to the correct position
  • 37cm x 30cm x 3/9cm – 11 degree tilt angle

Colour: Black 
Box Dimensions: 37cm x 30m x 3/9cm
Tilt Angle: 11 degrees
Main Material: Moulded PU Foam
Presented In: Colour Box 
Packed Weight: 0.43kg

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