66fit Massage Balls Twin Pack

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Product: 66fit Massage Balls Twin Pack
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Spikey & Trigger Point Balls

Use the 66fit Spiky Ball to massage areas of your body and experience benefits including sensory stimulation, increased local blood flow and circulation which helps to reduce stress and pain in the related body parts.

The 66fit Spiky Ball is 9cm in diameter, with wide nodules & is firm. Ideal for use for the back, shoulders, neck, legs and feet.

The 66fit Trigger Point Ball features a smooth surface. Use this ball for self-massage to target trigger points and release soft tissue areas that may have become tight after poor posture, musculoskeletal issues or physical activity.


66fit Spiky Ball: 

Size: 9cm
Colour: Blue
Material: PVC, Latex free
Density: Firm

66fit Trigger Point Ball:

Size: 6.3cm
Colour: Blue
Material: Rubber, Latex free
Density: Firm


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