66fit Hand Therapy Exercise Putty - 85gms

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Squeeze, stretch, twist and pinch 66fit Hand Exercise Putty

Our hand putty is made from a high quality silicone meaning it is malleable enough for use at all levels and for all hand sizes whether it be to simply strengthen a weakened grasp or to develop a stronger than average grip.

Available in four colour coded densities 66fit putty is the ideal tool for progressive resistance training for the wrist hand and fingers whether it be for rehabilitation post surgery or injury or simply for exercise purposes.

Hand putty is widely used to strengthen arms hands and fingers to improve their functionality and is also recommended in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

66fit Hand Therapy Putty may also be used to relieve pain and discomfort caused by tendonitis and repetitive strain injuries as well as a simple stress reliever.

Why Choose the 66fit 85g Hand Therapy Putty?

Made from the highest quality silicone, our therapy putty is clean to use, bleed proof and non-oily meaning that it leaves no residue on the hands during or after use.

This 85g sized tub has been specifically designed to be the optimum size to fit any adult male or female palm. The hand exercise putty comes in yellow (soft) red (soft/ medium) green (medium) and blue (firm). It is reusable and may be replaced into the plastic tub for easy storage after use.

We do recommend that after use the putty is replaced into the plastic storage tub and left in a cool place to firm up again.

**Please note - this is a 'one patient use' item. If handing out to your patients please use gloves and do not put back into the same plastic tub**

For further information please see our additional video footage online.


  • 66fit Hand Therapy Exercise Putty is designed for rehabilitation after a hand injury and also for general exercise to improve grip and finger strength.
  • Our exercise putty is made from non-toxic, clean reusable silicone and presented in a sealable plastic tub for easy storage.
  • 66fit Hand Therapy Putty is available in four colour coded strengths making it suitable for progressive resistance exercises.
  • 85g size is specifically designed as the optimum size to fit comfortably in any adult male or female palm.
  • 66fit Therapy Putty is widely recommended for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome exercises.

Product: Exercise Putty (85g)
Colour: Dependent on strength
Material: Silicone
Presented In: Sealable Plastic Tub
Made in USA


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