66fit Resistance Tube Set - 5 Levels

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Adjustable Resistance System

The 66Fit Resistance Tube Set is the ultimate training tool set for a full body workout to improve strength and endurance and is a great addition to your home gym.  The set includes 5 levels of resistance tubes with clips that enable multiple resistance combinations. Simply add or remove additional tubes to increase or decrease resistance. It also comes with a pair of handles & ankle straps so you can train both your upper & lower body.

Set includes:

  • Carry bag
  • 5 levels of resistance tubes: X-Light : Yellow, Light : Green, Medium: Orange, Heavy: Grey, X- Heavy: Black
  • 2 x power handles
  • 2 x ankle straps
  • Indoor/outdoor anchor


Resistance:                                      Dimensions:                                  

Yellow (X- Light):      9kg                 4 x 9 x 1200mm           

Green (Light):           13.5kg             6 x 11 x 1200mm   

Orange (Medium):    22.5kg            6 x 13x 1200mm

Grey (Heavy):            27kg               6 x 13.8 x 1200mm   

Black (X- Heavy):      36kg              6 x 16.7 x 1200mm 

Material: Contains Natural Rubber Latex


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